Trailer / Agricultural / Construction
Industry Approach

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Trailers, agricultural and construction equipment all require one main attribute-DURABILITY.

These items are all subject to extreme abuse. From weathering in a harsh atmosphere to extreme abrasion and even chemical exposures, the coatings used in these industries have to be tough. That’s why Delta Laboratories has been a leading supplier to trailer manufacturers, as well as agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturers and refurbishers for years. Our coatings perform the way you expect them to.

We understand that there are varying durability and pricing requirements for these industries. For this reason we offer a wide variety of coatings types and qualities from single component, direct-to metal enamels to ultra high-performance zinc / epoxy / urethane systems, with many systems in between.

The specific durability requirements will dictate what system to use and our technical service team is ready to help you with the best system for your product.