Industrial Maintenance
Industry Approach

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Machinery, floors, walls, handrails, stairs and everything else inside an operating industrial facility is subject to daily wear-and-tear.

To protect your investment, all of these items need to have protective coatings applied that shield them from abrasion, chemical exposure, frequent washing, and other daily abuse.

The problem…you can’t shut your facility down to repaint a couple of items. That’s ok. At Delta Laboratories, we have been in the industrial maintenance business for a long time. We have coatings that can be applied easily, with minimal surface preparation, and can be put back into service quickly. We manufacture a variety of different coatings suited for industrial maintenance from one component alkyd and acrylic coatings to higher performing 2 component epoxies and urethanes. Many are low odor meaning that there are no worker complaints.

Each industrial maintenance situation is unique and our trained technical service team knows this. They will ask you the right questions and make sure the correct product is recommended for your in-house maintenance team to apply. Contact us today.