Marine and Aquaculture
Industry Approach

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Marine environments may be the harshest of all. Salt and water are the enemies of metal, as these are necessary for corrosion to occur. To protect metal from corroding in this environment, high performance, impermeable coatings must be used to prevent corrosion cells from forming, protecting the investment. Mastics, epoxies, urethanes and newer hybrid technologies are core items for coating metal in marine environments and Delta Laboratories has provided these coatings to all types of industrial and commercial applications in marine environments since we first started in the 1940's.

The farming of the sea is not a new concept. It is however a relatively new industry. Aquaculture, including fish and shellfish farming, sea plant harvesting and reaping other bounties from the sea is a rapidly growing business. This industry faces many of the challenges of other marine related industries. Delta Laboratories, based upon our proximity to the ocean, has been a primary supplier to aquaculture business all over the southeastern US. From single component net dip coatings, that stiffen  and strengthen nets and bags, to high performance, 2 component products for pens, partitions, and sidewalls, Delta has been with many of these businesses since their inception. We are sure we have coatings that will fit with your aquaculture business.