Burial Vaults / Caskets
Industry Approach

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Delta Laboratories, Inc. has more experience in burial vault coatings than any other company in the industry. Our newest environmentally-friendly sealers and finishes are very low in odor, cure quickly and clean up with soap and water. They have amazing adhesion and bridging capabilities and also have excellent coverage.

They are available in brush / roll versions as well as spray versions and can be ordered in a wide variety of colors, including peaceful solid colors as well as vivid, clean metallic effect colors such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Clear coatings as well as metallic powders are also available for custom mixed colors.

Wood and metal caskets have to look perfect, and perfection in coatings is what Delta Laboratories strives for. Rich wood-tone stains and natural colored clear lacquers accentuate the finest wood detail while giving a warm glow. Soft pastels, subtle metallics and low sheen clears are the perfect system for metal caskets. Delta supplies coatings to casket manufacturers that demand the finest look for their products all over the southeastern US.