Industry Approach

In our many years of business, Delta Laboratories has formulated a multitude of products spanning numerous industries. While we can’t list all of the industries that we supply, the primary types are listed below.

If you don’t see your business type, don’t worry.  We have sixty years of custom designing protective and decorative coatings for unique situations. Contact us today for additional information.

Structural Steel

SteelSteel fabricators demand a fast dry, good hiding coating that protects parts from corrosion during storage, transit and erection. Delta Laboratories has provided a wide variety of products for this industry for years.

We offer red oxide and gray shop primers, surface tolerant epoxy mastics, rust-inhibiting universal primers ...



Waterborne organic coatings for glass decoration by spray application offer superior glass adhesion along with good mechanical and chemical resistance. Available in a spectacular broad color palette including colors such as heavy metal-free bright reds, yellows and oranges as well as many special effects, such as frosts.

Trailer / Agricultural / Construction

Fotolia_9503304_XSTrailers, agricultural and construction equipment all require one main attribute-DURABILITY.

These items are all subject to extreme abuse. From weathering in a harsh atmosphere to extreme abrasion and even chemical exposures, the coatings used in these industries have to be tough.


Professional Wood Finishes

Wood FinishesFurniture and cabinet manufacturers, as well as other wood and wood product coatings operations have a unique set of challenges. Speed, clarity, price, performance, environmental regulations…the list goes on.  Not to mention the fact that thesubstrate being coated is natural and renewable presenting additional challenges.

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial MaintenanceMachinery, floors, walls, handrails, stairs and everything else inside an operating industrial facility is subject to daily wear-and-tear.

To protect your investment, all of these items need to have protective coatings applied that shield them from abrasion, chemical exposure, frequent washing, and other daily abuse.

Marine and Aquaculture

iStock_000004501460XSmallMarine environments may be the harshest of all. Salt and water are the enemies of metal, as these are necessary for corrosion to occur.

To protect metal from corroding in this environment, high performance, impermeable coatings must be used ...

Container Coatings

ContainersNew and reconditioned drum suppliers have relied upon Delta Industrial Finishes for their exterior and interior drum coatings more than any other company in the Southeastern US. Air dry, force cured and true bake systems have all been custom developed to meet individual line layouts, oven systems and throughputs.

Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures Delta is the market leader in decorative and protective coatings for the fishing lure industry. More OEM lure manufacturers choose Delta Laboratories products than any other brand.

Why? Because four out of five surveyed fish prefer Delta Industrial Coatings.

Burial Vaults / Caskets

Burial VaultDelta Laboratories, Inc. has more experience in burial vault coatings than any other company in the industry. Our newest environmentally-friendly sealers and finishes are very low in odor, cure quickly and clean up with soap and water. They have amazing adhesion and bridging capabilities and also have excellent coverage.

Tire Retreading

Tire RetreadingDelta Laboratories is the pioneer in solvent and waterborne coatings for retreaded tires and our proven track record speaks for itself.

Both solvent and waterborne versions of our Black Tire Dressing go the extra mile to provide the quality aesthetics that you demand. In addition, both products ...


AdhesivesContact adhesives are used in a wide variety of industries and Delta Laboratories offers many different specialized products.

Spray grade, brush-and-roll grades, various open times, solvent borne and waterborne, as well as ...

Thinners and Solvents

SolventsNo matter what industry you are in, if you need straight solvents or custom blends, Delta Laboratories can package thinners and solvents however you may  need them.

Gallons, pails, drums or totes, our label or yours, contact us today for market pricing on solvents and blends.

Other coatings

Other Coatings

Plastic, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, composites, paper…whatever type of product you manufacture, Delta Laboratories can custom engineer a coating to protect and beautify it.

We may have an off-the-shelf formulation that fits your needs or our ...

Toll Manufacturing

Toll ManufacturingDelta Laboratories specialized production and quality control staff is capable of manufacturing your coating or adhesive formulation.

Our state of the art manufacturing equipment is capable of processing numerous types of clear and pigmented coatings, colorant dispersions and adhesives.